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Reimagining Community newsletter #6 March 2020

Welcome to our March 2020 newsletter. This month’s glossary item is the FOUR FOCUSES OF MINDFULNESS and we introduce new articles by John Danvers and Bernat Font. Our feature article is an excerpt from a dharma talk given by Stpehen Batchelor.

Reimagining Community newsletter #5 Feb. 2020

#5  February 2020 Welcome to our February 2020 newsletter. This month’s glossary item is the EVERYDAY SUBLIME and we introduce new articles by Stefano Bettera and Bill Gayner. Our feature article is an excerpt from a talk given by Winton Higgins in 2019 on satipaṭṭhāna or insight meditation.   Swimming against the stream According to Stefano […]

Reimagining Community newsletter #4 Jan 2020

This month’s glossary item is Dukkha and we have an interview with meditation teacher Dave Smith and an unconventional glossary of attitudes relevant to the Buddhist path developed by Nelly Kaufer. We also introduce a new feature of the website, an interactive map that connects secular Buddhists worldwide. Our feature article is by Stefano Bettera, called Defining secular Buddhism: beware of certain traps.

Reimagining Community newsletter #3 Dec 2019

This month’s glossary item is Conditionality and we introduce two posts which offer new perspectives on meditation retreats and sanghas. We also ask for your feedback about this newsletter and the website. Our feature article is by Stephen Batchelor, called On freedom and nirvana.

Reimagining Community newsletter #2 Nov 2019

In the second issue of the newsletter we introduce a new post on goals in meditation, introduce you (probably) to the online group Re~Collective, and Bernat Font from the secular Buddhist group in Barcelona writes on Sharing our practice in a group.

Reimagining Community newsletter #1 Oct 2019

This is the first issue of Reimagining Community – the successor to ‘In This Moment’, the Aotearoa New Zealand secular Buddhist newsletter. It will go out monthly with news and updates from a brand new website at secularbuddhistnetwork.org.