Exploring secular Buddhism through courses and retreats

For those who want an introduction to secular Buddhism, or who wish to explore key ideas in secular Buddhism more thoroughly, there are a number of excellent courses and retreats to choose from. They range from self-paced, online courses to the two-year course on secular dharma offered by Bodhi College.

On this page you will find the variety of courses and retreats available on secular Buddhism.  


Bodhi College’s Secular Dharma Course 

By SBN Editor

What next? two years of path in the Secular Dharma with Bodhi College 

By Stefano Bettera

Secular Dharma Foundation: Educational tools & resources 

By SBN Editor

Reflective meditation retreats as a space for independent and critical thinking 

By Linda Modaro

A secular Buddhist meditation retreat by Stephen & Martine Batchelor 

By Stephen Batchelor

After Buddhism: exploring a secular dharma 

By SBN Editor

Being completely human – a study course in secular Buddhism 

By SBN Editor

Learning Pāli online: two courses 

By SBN Editor